Hey everyone! Ribon here. ^-^ I figured it was time for a new review, so I decided to do another album this time! However, this one’s a mini-album! This mini-album is the newest product of Buono!, and from my perspective, it was a highly needed album. Buono! has been slipping into Airi-dom (… again.) and I just really don’t appreciate the fact that UFA has been making Buono! Airi-based again. Buono! was supposed to be a group that all of the members were equal… but enough of my whining, and on to the actual album!

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Hey guys! Ribon here.
So I asked on Hello!Online what I should review next. I got a bunch of answers! But I received one from Sayurinon for me to do Devil Smile Angel Smile, and I couldn’t resist! I had downloaded this concert prior, because I LOVED how Yuuka looked. She’s such a little angel herself, so I was very excited. Sakichi and Kanyon also looked stunning in preview pictures and the goods that I saw! (I still regret not getting Yuukarin’s DSAS towel; it’s a constant search for one, now!) HOWEVER, that’s not what I’m here to review. I’m here to review the concert DVD itself!
Now, as with the Momoclo album, I have yet to own my own copy of this DVD. I’d really like to get my hands on the Bluray copy. Nevertheless, I downloaded it, and I’m here to review it!

The DVD Cover

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Hello everybody, and welcome to Cinderella ♕ Revorution, an idol fanblog! My name is Ribon, as most people know me in the idol world! I’m sixteen years old, and my favorite idol will always be Linlin. ❤ Of course, she graduated back in 2O1O, and I was the saddest person in the world. So, right now, my favorite idol group is S/mileage, and my favorite girl is Yuuka! That’s for H!P, anyways. My favorite idols outside of H!P are Tamai Shiori (Momoiro Clover Z), Oota Aika (AKB48 – Team A), and Yasumoto Ayaka (Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku)! They’re all my babies, and I love them very much. ♥

That’s enough for introductions, I should say! Let’s get right into the review of the day!

Momoiro Clover Z’s new (and first!) album, BATTLE AND ROMANCE!
Now, I’ve liked Momoiro Clover Z back when they didn’t have the Z in their name, and back when Akarin (;__;) was still in the group. It was sad to see her go, but she had to do what she had to do. I sure hope she’s doing well!
However, when I heard they were releasing an album, I was ecstatic! Now, I haven’t bought the album myself, yet, but I’m planning to once I run into a bit more money!

Let’s start off with the album covers.

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